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jung taekwoon is ruining my life and i'd happily trade my plushie connection for a day with park chanyeol.

this blog is multifandom but expect a bias towards f(x), exo, vixx and girl groups in general.

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i saw some fans laughing at red velvet’s name and calling it the worst kpop has come up with

need i remind you teen top stands for Teenager Emoboys Emoticon Next Generation Talent Object Praise

34 minutes ago | Tuesday
Anonymous asked

I was thinking that red velvet fandom should be called sweeties

That’s also cute but… I’m still backing the cupcake idea. You have no idea how much I adore red velvet cupcakes friend! <3

ssamdong asked

I'm thinking rv's fans should be called cupcakes because have you had red velvet cupcakes

They are the best thing ever.

Just like meeeeee~~~~~

1 hour ago | Tuesday
Anonymous asked

It's unfortunate, but they are :l They've done nothing but there are a lot of people putting the blame of their company on them, and it's just. Yeah. But I'm just as excited! Their debut song looks like it's going to be colorful and fun and a very summer-y kind of feel--I bet the MV is gonna be gorgeous *A* And their fan color should be red--and better yet, shouldn't fans be called Cream Cheese for the fact that those two very things go together so well? ;brick'd

I like cupcakes, actually. Red Velvet… CUPCAKES! :D

Ah I’m definitely looking forward to it! I was stoked from the parrot but a song called Happiness? And those lalalalalaas! It’s gotta be catch and upbeat. Perfect for summer <3

1 hour ago | Tuesday
1 hour ago | Tuesday
1 hour ago | Tuesday
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Anonymous asked

Wahhh, I'm so glad you have a Red Velvet blog now! ; o ; It's really good to see support, especially when it seems they're getting a lot of hate for debuting at the time that they are. Hopefully they can come into the industry easily enough, and that they have enough encouragement to keep moving forward throughout the rest of the year, too!

They’re getting a lot of hate for things that are mere speculation and no fault of their own?

From what we’ve seen so far (of Irene, Seulgi and Wendy at least, Joy is a wildcard I guess) they’re all very talented. So I’m looking forward to what they have to bring and tbh I love the colourful concept! I might make some edits/graphics later on or tomorrow or something :D

Also if their fan colour isn’t red I’m gonna punch someone. Probably myself.

1 hour ago | Tuesday
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I have a new blog, sseoulgis :D