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love, lalala

cola. 21. england. they/them/their pls :)

i'd make a very dapper penguin.

this blog is multifandom but expect a bias towards f(x), exo, vixx and girl groups in general.

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light up the darkness;
happiness delight

─ Anonymous ─
Okay, maybe I'll grow a pair and send fan mail then! :D

A pair of bunny ears? 

8D pls do!!!

─ Anonymous ─
Hello! I was just wondering if you knew what the difference between the Die Jung photobooks were? I was going to buy one, but I can't choose between the three. And if I buy the premium one, what extra stuff does it have? Also do they all have the same CD if I end up buying more than one? Thankyou and sorry for all the questions^^

I don’t know sorry ;; I do know the premium has all three photobooks though.

But it’s crazy expensive oh my god ;___; I’m planning to visit my friend in the states so I don’t think I’ll be getting that one :P I might buy the EXO version ^^ I think the CD is the same with them, you probably get more things with the premium one but idk for me it’s just too expensive for a bunch of photos that will be scanned onto the internet anyway.

That sounds bad omg. It’s like I don’t mind buying one of them but I think the premium one is a bit too much for me :)

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What's the difference between asking a question and sending fanmail? O_o

Well you can’t send fanmail anonymously! And there’s no character limit and instead of ten an hour you’re limited to 500 a day (I think) so you can talk more!!! :D

❝I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.❞
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I've actually talked to you a few times off anon but I get nervous and then I stop messaging off anon because I'm an awkward potato .><.

ah sweetpea theres no need to be nervous with me, i am a bunny rabbit

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it would be easier to notice you if you came off anon sweetpea :D

booking flights is scary and confusing???